2014-08-01, Round #4 – Gardermoen

Gardermoen Raceway


TD Round #4 – Drag Challenge @ Gardermoen Raceway.

The trip to Norway went without any problem! =) But of course when we did arrive to the track and started to unload all our stuff it started to rain… The funny thing is that it haven’t been raining at the track for weeks but when it’s time for drag racing the clouds did release the pressure… 😉

First round out was pretty strange… The thing is that we did put on new tires to this round so I guess that’s why the car reacted like it did.. =) Second round was cancelled for us because a really BIG clean up that did take a lot of time for the track crew.

Next round out was not the best this year. I did sit in the car for one hour because of 5 motorcycles before us that made a mess of this day… Clean ups, list fire and the track crew allowed them to start again etc. Well a bad round when it was my time, can say that my head were somewhere else.

Well anyway I made a 4.48s @ 267km/h and that made us come in the ladder! After that they did give us one more round but we found a problem with the clutch. So we did miss that one.

I did wake up around 06:30 in the morning because it started to rain like hell!! =( And it did rain pretty much all day until around 14:30 but then the sun came and helped the crew to dry the track and we made our first round at 18 something.

A bad round with some shake and close to the guard rail.. We made one more pass around 20 and did repeat the one before with some tire shake again..

Sunday morning,
The day started with some rain and did continue with some more rain… But it did stop and the crew at Gardermoen Raceway did work really good to make the track ready for us! =)

We was out first in the TD field agains Victor Jansson, and we did win that round!! 😀 And also made the first real round this weekend!! 4.16s at the finish line! =)

But when I was in the end of the track it started to rain again, and when we got back to the pits it started to rain so much for a long time that the crew at Gardermoen decided to cancel the race… Really bad for us because the points for winning first round will not be added to the total points because the whole field did not make there passes. Well, that’s racing! =(

Right now we are looking forward for the race at Sundsvall Raceway in about two weeks, hold your thumbs that the rain is somewhere else that weekend…! =)



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