2014-05-10, Test n Tune – Kjula

Kjula Dragway


Well, time to get the car ready for the first pre season test for 2014!

All winter Andreas been planning what to do and what to change on the Chevelle for the first real season for Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing. New parts have been coming from the states all winter! 😀 And of course a lot of ideas what we need to do to get the car go down the track without tire shake and stuff like that…

The big changes is on the suspension for this year. Tires, shocks, sway bar and some electrical stuff to the Racepak to record more data down the track. Anyway, because of too much work just like always only a week before the test at Kjula we started to work on the car and of course we made it! 😉

But the weekend at Kjula Dragway was not so funny… Rain when we unpacked the bus, rain all Saturday but we did have a really good time anyway! We got some of our sponsors visiting us for a burger, something to drink and some nice chat! =) We also got the bus and trailer packed for the first time in 2014 to make sure that we got everything with us when it’s time to race for real! And also while it was raining we did some small stuff on both the Chevelle and the bus.

On Sunday morning it was really dark and cold but no rain, the crew at Kjula said that they will allow to make a burn out and just a 60 foot so we did! I made a long nice burn out, and then 1.06 sec to the 60 foot and about 1.3 sec a air hose popped off and locked the clutch so I did hit a tire shake and drifted to the right. But it felt really good, first test round for 2014 and we found something that needs to be fixed for the next outing, also we did get some data on the car and we could see that the stuff we changed during the winter made some really good things to the car! Right now we really look forward to the next pre season test in Sundsvall in the end of May!


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Going home!
New day and no rain!
Soon time to sleep again!
Guess we won’t test anything today.
Good morning from a rainy Kjula Dragway!
Done for today!
And we are at Kjula Dragway!! 🙂
In the bus and on our way!!! 🙂
Loaded and ready!
Starts to get ready!
Starts to get ready! 🙂