We’re back with updates here on the homepage again after some technical issues!…

But after all it does not matter too much because everything have been standing pretty much totally still because a lot of waiting on getting the trailer and truck back from the paint shop that delayed the delivery date 5 months or so….

Only thing we have done is some small preparations on the Chevelle due to all the spares and tools was in the trailer that should been away from the shop only around 4 weeks so I never thought about taking anything out from it…

The whole rig is white just like I wanted and we decided, sad part is that the quality / result after a half year away just makes me angry and disappointed… But that’s pretty common and how every race season always starts, someone is always there to help me fuck it up totally!….

More news soon about the first race this year, we are going to England and Santa Pod Raceway for The Doorslammers race and we are gonna do some 1/4 mile racing for the first time since 2011!

Stay tuned!


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