And about 9-10 hours later and we are back home again! I would like to say a HUGE THANKS to all you guys that made this weekend possible!!! 🙂


Time to sleep..!

Second elimination run was against Niclas Andersson in The Old 51, I got the car in pre stage and in stage and then I could not see the tree… So I released the clutch when I saw that The Old one started to move… Niclas 0.535sec against my 1.073sec, we got a pretty bad 60 ft with 1.073 (have been running 1.04-1.05 all weekend, Niclas ran 4.189sec against my 4.237sec and he was over the finish line just 0.549sec before me! Could have been a really tight race if I could see the tree…
But I am more then happy with the weekend here in Norway! Started with a lot of rain, a lot of sun, more rain, sun again, 7 runs in the car, won my first elimination run and got a new personal best!! So I am really happy! 🙂

Time slip from the last run!

The car felt really good of the line and then a little loose in the rear end, I did pedal a couple of times and then on it again! Made it with a 4.67sec @ 242km/h and 1.04 to 60 ft 🙂

Now something to eat and serv the car, stay tuned!

Good morning from a cold but pretty nice Norway anyway! We are about to warm up the car and we will go out for our first elimination round in about 1 hour, watch us on Smart-TV! 🙂


We are in the ladder for tomorrows elimination! Don’t know when the first round will be because of the rain that we got here the last couple of hours today…

We are number 10!

Max our chef for the weekend! 🙂
Cozy dinner in the tent when it’s raining outside….

The last run the bars between the upper and lower wheelie bar tubings broke, and then I hit a pretty bad shake….
First time this weekend that I am really disappointed… I really did think that I would get my first full pass last round…

Second day with broken stuff…

Ops..! 🙂

Qualification run number four, the best run so far this year! I made some pretty big changes to the clutch and ignition and the car answered just like I wanted!
I got so surprised that it worked so I dropped the gas pedal…! 😉

4.408sec today and my personal best is 4.270sec hope to beat it next run, watch us on Smart-TV in about 2 hours! 🙂


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